Welcome & Introduction

Eurits, the European Union for Responsible Incineration and Treatment of Special Waste, represents more than 90% of the EU's specialist waste incineration sector, and exists to ensure the safe, legal and environmentally sound incineration of waste.

The organisation was established in 1994. The 26 members operate 36 plants in 12 countries with a total workforce of more than 4,500.

Dealing with special wastes involves treatment of hazardous waste as well as hazardous components present in other wastes. Safe decontamination, efficient energy use and the recovery of waste by supporting the aims of a society committed to recycling are the challenges facing the present day management of special waste. Implemented by specially-trained staff in purpose-built facilities, the incineration of hazardous waste is far more than just thermal treatment.

Eurits provides its members with a Europe-wide platform on which they can present their views, raising awareness of Hazardous Waste Incineration (HWI) and the need for it. Our members exchange experience on technical, environmental and safety information, and are committed to providing information that is completely transparent.

It is the aim of Eurits to create awareness among politicians and the public of the need for hazardous waste to be incinerated in facilities which have been specially developed for this purpose and which operate to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Eurits tracks all major legislative processes at the European level and provides information to bodies such as the European Parliament and the European Commission on the technical background, environmental protection activities and safety aspects of hazardous waste incineration, with the aim of creating the necessary transparency in the political decision-making process.

If you would like more information about Eurits and/or details of how to join, please contact us using the details provided on this page.