European Union for Responsible Treatment of Special Waste - EURITS

Eurits is the association of hazardous waste management companies across the EU. Their network of facilities in Europe has been designed specifically to treat (capture, destroy, neutralise, immobilise, store) hazardous waste streams and/or components. Their specialist management, handling & treatment activities ensure that public health is protected and that the EU environment and circular economy remain safe and clean.

Eurits’ Members operate to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and play an important role in Europe’s ambitions to pursue a circular economy. They act as enablers by promoting and maximising recovery of materials. At the same time, they perform a gatekeeper role by safeguarding the quality of recovered products and by respecting strict health and environment considerations during recovery operations.

The voice of the industry

Eurits has over 20 years of experience and provides information to bodies such as the European Parliament and the European Commission on the technical background, environmental protection activities and safety aspects of hazardous waste treatment. The purpose is to elevate the entire European hazardous waste industry to the highest possible standards. By doing so, Eurits intends to keep the EU economy thriving and to keep the EU at the forefront of the global transition towards a circular economy.

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The hazardous waste management sector has an important role to play in striking the right balance between recovery and final disposal of materials that become waste. This is because they have the right tools and technologies to remove substances of concern from waste and, if this is not possible, to destroy these materials, obtaining energy during the process

European Commission Vice-President, Jyrki Katainen, 2018

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What is the impact of GHG (greenhouse gases) & ODS (ozone depleting substances) and what can be done to reduce their impact? Extracting and destroying fluorinated gases upon recycling is a priority.

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