Industry Vision

The hazardous waste industry has two fundamental responsibilities. The first is to keep the environment safe and clean. The second is to keep the circular economy viable and reliable.

Eurits’ Members take this responsibility literally. They contribute by operating to the highest standards of environmental sustainability and play an important role in Europe’s ambitions to pursue a circular economy. They act as enablers by promoting and maximising recovery of materials. At the same time, they perform a gatekeeper role by safeguarding the quality of recovered products and by respecting strict health and environment considerations during recovery operations.

It is Eurits' intention to elevate the entire European hazardous waste industry to the highest possible standards. By so doing, it will help maintain the EU’s position at the forefront of the worldwide transition to a sustainable (circular) economy.

The EU plays a vital role in this; its decisions will guarantee a level playing field for all actors in the hazardous waste treatment/management domain, facilitating an entire industry to move forward in a clear and positive direction.


“The hazardous waste management sector has an important role to play in striking the right balance between recovery and final disposal of materials that become waste. This is because they have the right tools and technologies to remove substances of concern from waste and, if this is not possible, to destroy these materials, obtaining energy during the process” European Commission Vice-President, Jyrki Katainen, 2018