Keeping the environment safe and clean

In all societies, some degree of waste is inevitable; dealing with this effectively and appropriately is essential to ensuring a clean and healthy environment. This means ensuring that hazardous pollutants do not pose a risk to human or environmental health.

Our first responsibility
The Eurits membership are pivotal in making sure this does not happen. They have the expertise to deal safely with (potentially) hazardous or harmful waste, from sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or from medical faculties. In addition, the specialist waste sector can help deal with environmental issues such as contaminated soil, from abandoned sites or accidental spillage.

The knowledge and experience of the sector is essential in treating any waste from these key strategic sectors. This avoids health and environmental risks and allows the mentioned industries to continue to operate safely in the EU.

Encouraging and promoting safe and sustainable hazardous waste treatment
Ensuring that hazardous waste is managed correctly requires technical knowledge and understanding of the available processes, both for recovery and treatment of waste. It is vital that each waste stream is directed to the correct treatment.

Eurits member companies provide expert advice in this domain, plus specially-trained staff and purpose-built facilities with state-of-the-art fluegas cleaning systems, a gold standard in dealing with hazardous wastes.

They make sure that strict procedures are in place and transport and treatment licenses are being respected. They also provide a “safe sink” in terms of specialised after-treatment and landfill facilities.

Finally, they ensure the traceability of hazardous waste, tracking its processing and reporting meticulously on its whereabouts.